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País Mediano

Cerca de las orillas del Mediterráneo, este territorio ofrece un refugio de calma, frescor y serenidad.

Los pueblos, acurrucados en los escaparates de naturaleza o encaramados al acantilado como nidos de águila, proponen al visitante pasear por sus encantadoras callejuelas. Ahí descubrirá un patrimonio preservado: antiguos molinos de aceite, fachadas, fuentes, lavaderos, y, detrás de una capilla… una vista panorámica sobre los valles, el mar o las montañas.

Este marco único, bañado por el sol que exalta los colores, ha seducidos a los artistas más importantes… A los aficionados de arte les encantará seguir sus rastros, en busca de las obras dejadas en herencia.

El campo circundante es el auténtico paraíso de los deportistas que seguirán por sus caminos de senderismo o en bicicleta, o se refrescarán en las gargantas encajonadas para disfrutar de una bajada haciendo barranquismo.

El País Alto

Reached along a surprising mountain road, Duranus is built directly on limestone formations overlooking the Vésubie Valley, with houses scattered on the slopes in the heart of pristine nature with oak and olive trees.
Reached along a surprising...

Mairie - 5 route de la Mairie - 06670 DURANUS
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 03 15 63
Castagniers, a lovely recent perched village in the hills amid generous Mediterranean vegetation, offers a splendid open view on the Lower Var Valley (Plaine du Var).
Founded ca. 1870, the village is dominated by Mont-Cima, towering 879m above sea...

Mairie - 1 place de la Mairie - 06670 CASTAGNIERS
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 08 05 11
La Gaude
Under the Baous mountains, La Gaude is a pleasant residential village brimming with Provençal charm. It enchanted Provençal writer Marcel Pagnol, who lived there for 30 years.
The village stretches on a ridge, with its carefully renovated houses...

Mairie - 6 rue Louis Michel Féraud - 06610 LA GAUDE
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 59 41 52
Perched on a ridge at the confluence of the Var and Vésubie rivers at the top of a steep slope with olive trees, Utelle offers a fine Mediaeval complex.
A ver: el pueblo medieval, sus originales fachadas en trampantojo, sus remarcables relojes...

Mairie - Hameau Saint-Jean la Rivière - 06450 UTELLE
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 03 17 01
Perched 400m above sea level, the village, a listed Picturesque Site in the Alpes-Maritimes département, is huddled around its 12th-century castle and has preserved its traditional Mediaeval architecture.
Its privileged position offers visitors a...

Bureau d'Information Touristique - 2 Carriero Fernand Barbary - Villa Fernand Barbary - 06510 CARROS
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 08 72 59
Located at the confluence of the valleys Var, Estéron, Vésubie and Tinée, Saint-Martin-du-Var became a separate commune quite recently, built on land obtained by damming up the east bank of the Var River, starting in the mid-19th century.

Mairie - Place Alexis Maiffredi - 06670 SAINT-MARTIN-DU-VAR
Tel. : +33(0)4 92 08 21 50
The perched village of Aspremont overlooks the Plaine du Var. Its houses are arranged in concentric circles around its fine Gothic church.
An invigorating climb to visit the village brings its rewards: narrow paved streets, vaulted passageways,...

Mairie - 21 Av Caravadossi - 06790 ASPREMONT
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 08 00 01
Surrounded by terraced slopes with olive and fig trees, this Mediaeval village has preserved all the charm of the perched villages of yore.
Behind its rampart wall, with fortified gates, narrow winding streets and paved little squares, Falicon also...

Mairie - 3 place Marcel Eusébi - 06950 FALICON
Tel. :
The road winds its way through delicate silvery landscapes: Saint-Blaise is like a shiny medal in a leafy setting.
The village offers fine colourful houses huddled around the church and a bell tower with a red-tile roof, renovated several times....

Mairie - 11 Place de l'Eglise - 06670 SAINT-BLAISE
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 79 72 93
Composed of several hamlets — Les Cabanes, La Madone, La Sirole on the heights; La Manda in the Lower Var Valley — Colomars is a small recent residential village built on a ridge overlooking the Plaine du Var.
The commune is known as the land of...

Mairie - 3 rue Etienne Curti - 06670 COLOMARS
Tel. : +33(0)4 92 15 18 50
An old fortified Mediaeval village perched on a rocky spur 600m above sea level, Levens can be visited by following the sloping streets lined with houses built in local stone, under porches and covered passageways.
Near the village, the Grand Pré...

Place V. Masseglia - Maison du Portal - 06670 LEVENS
Tel. : +33(0)9 62 66 85 84
At the foot of the Alpine Arc, Vence offers all the authentic charm of its historic city and natural setting.
The centre of the old town has changed little over the centuries: narrow streets with Mediaeval and Renaissance houses, large and small...

Bureau d'Information Touristique - Villa Alexandrine - Place Grand Jardin - 06140 VENCE
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 58 06 38
Clinging to a promontory on Mont-Vial overlooking the Var and Estéron valleys, Bonson stands 480m above sea level.
A perched village typical of the hinterland of Nice, it stretches along a ridge, which offers vertiginous vistas, and has preserved...

Mairie - Place Maurice Scoffier - 06830 BONSON
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 08 58 39
Nestled at the foot of an immense cliff, the Baou of Saint-Jeannet, which dominates the entire territory, the charming village of the same name is Mediaeval in origin.
The village offers fine colourful houses huddled around the church and a bell...

Hôtel de ville - 54 rue du Château - 06640 SAINT-JEANNET
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 24 73 83
Under the Baous mountains amid splendid landscapes, the old perched village of Gattières offers lovely Mediaeval streets, little flower-decked squares and fine fountains.
To see: St Nicolas church (13th century), the Notre-Dame du Var chapel (15th...

Hôtel de Ville - 11 Rue Torrin et Grassi - 06510 GATTIÈRES
Tel. : +33(0)4 92 08 47 32
Le Broc
Perched on a promontory overlooking the confluence of the Var and Estéron valleys, Le Broc is dominated by Montagne du Chiers.
The village offers its charming narrow streets lined with old stone houses grouped around a picturesque arcaded square....

Mairie - 1 place de l'Hôtel de Ville - 06510 LE BROC
Tel. : +33(0)4 92 08 27 30
The village of Gilette is perched 400m above sea level overlooking the confluence of the Var and Estéron Rivers.
The narrow streets lead to the castle ruins and a unique panorama over the valleys and mountains. Its stepped streets, vaulted...

Cierre : Lunes todo el dia, Viernes la tarde, Sábado la tarde, Domingo todo el dia,

Mairie - 1 Place du docteur René Morani - 06830 GILETTE
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 08 57 19
La Roquette-sur-Var
Along with its picturesque little streets, fountains and wash house, the village has preserved many traces of the past. The ruins of Castel-Vieil attest to Roman and Mediaeval occupation. On the main square, the traditional game of pétanque adds to...

Mairie - 15 place de la Libération - 06670 LA ROQUETTE-SUR-VAR
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 08 40 21
The village offers an exceptional panorama towards the sea and mountains.
In the perched village of Tourrette-Levens, there prevails a striking Mediaeval atmosphere thanks to fine houses and the ramparts built of splendid white stone, as well as the...

Mairie - 70 place du Dr Paul Simon - 06690 TOURRETTE-LEVENS
Tel. : +33(0)4 93 91 00 16