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Je ne serais pas arrivée là, si…

Del 01 diciembre 2021 Al 03 diciembre 2021
Théâtre National de Nice
Based on interviews by Annick Cojean. In partnership with Le Monde. Designed & directed by Judith Henry. With Julie Gayet, Judith Henry.

Descripción :

"I wouldn't have got here if..." A few innocuous words that pose a dizzying question. What made me, defeated, marked, upset and sculpted me? What chance, what encounter, what accident, what revolt, have directed my life?
Annick Cojean threw this little sentence to thirty inspiring women, artists, writers, politicians...
Judith Henry has taken these words and put them on stage. Two actresses recreate these words, those that question and those that answer, and bring to life, in the form of a conversation, universal words. Through these extraordinary destinies, "I wouldn't have got here if..." can be understood as the story of what binds us, as the story of our humanity.

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Promenade des Arts - 06300 NICE
Tel : +33(0)4 93 13 19 00
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20:00: Wednesday and Friday - 19:30: Thursday.

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