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sábado 29 enero 2022
Salle Juliette Gréco
Compagnie HKC These five young performers question what triggers the movement of emancipation to escape the shackles and determinisms.

Descripción :

For this project, author Anne Rehbinder and director Antoine Colnot meet the talent and audacity of choreographer Amala Dianor. Together, they question the individual and collective emancipation of young people in the neighbourhoods, what prevents it and what allows it, in a radical statement and a burning physical commitment. On the stage, five performers from the working class neighbourhoods of Lyon who have chosen to make dance their profession. These young hip-hop artists, for whom the choice of the stage is a fight against the laws of social and cultural determinism, embody with ardour and passion the vital impulse that leads to emancipation. A play about the urgency of disobeying and breaking away from the norm in order to finally become oneself, full of hope and the quest for justice and fairness.

Localización :

Salle Juliette Gréco - 5 boulevard de la Colle Belle - 06510 CARROS
Tel : +33(0)493087607
Email :
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Tarifa :

Full price adult - €18 Reduced price - 14€. FJP member rate - 12€. Students and -18 years old - 10€
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