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Frissons intimes

sábado 19 febrero 2022
Théâtre Francis Gag
Women's erotic stories by Katia Polles and Fatiha Sadek. Director: Olivier Debos. Choreography: Emmanuelle Pépin. Costumes: Miryana Jukic. Sound and light design: Fredo Piraino.

Descripción :

Female sensuality is a sensitive subject. Served by a complicit duo, this thrilling tale reveals a subtle alchemy, between wisdom and humour, sensuality and eccentricity, power and fragility. The two storytellers take hold of those moments when fear, guilt, beliefs, religion, education and barriers have collapsed to let the body express itself and the encounter take place. One, based on her own story, creates several characters of women in search of freedom. The other expresses through her story her own doubts and experiences, her erotic, sexual and amorous quest. One is Arab and the other Jewish, the two actresses bring to life two voices, two writings, a common passion, that of stories and the common and urgent need to tell the world.

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