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Del 05 septiembre 2020 Al 01 noviembre 2020
Parc Phoenix invites you to discover four artists, Thibault Andrieux, Nicolas Cegalerba, Jean-Joaquim Crassous and Emmanuel Juppeaux, who will take you to the four corners of the planet to discover the wonders of nature.

Dispositions spéciales Covid-19 :

Wearing a mask is compulsory. Access to the exhibitions is subject to the following conditions places available and according to specific measures. Please take note of the necessary information.

Descripción :

"Empus Art" by Thibault Andrieux: Prairial Room
These pictures will give you the opportunity to see nature, and more particularly the hidden and little-known world of insects, up close! This entomologist, a specialist in terrestrial insects and arthropods, started taking photographs in 2010 and uses macro lenses to observe this microcosm that lives before our eyes. A way for this ecologist at heart to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the balance of biodiversity, essential for our future!

Nicolas Cegalerba's "Au plus près des dragons": Salle Prairial
Who said dragons didn't exist? Nicolas Cegalerba, a professional photographer specialising in nature and environment reporting since 2006 will prove to you that they are beautiful and well on Earth by taking you to discover the dragons of Komodo, in the arid lands of the Komodo National Park. Beneath its robust airs, this reptile is threatened with extinction and is becoming increasingly rare. These photographs required a three-week immersion with a team of scientists who have been studying them for 10 years!

"L'orée des mondes" by Jean-Joaquim Crassous: Salle Floréal
Jean-Joaquim Crassous offers you a trip to (re)discover the Mercantour National Park, the icy lands of Iceland, or the lakes and forests of the Dolomites in Italy. The play of light immortalized thanks to the patience of this peregrinator proves once again how rich our landscapes are! Unique creations similar to paintings that call to reconnect with nature.

"Encounter with the spirits" by Emmanuel Juppeaux: Salle Floréal

Direction Gribell Island, a small piece of land in the Princess Royal Islands archipelago, in western Canada, where Emmanuel Juppeaux put his camera down to immortalize the Kermode bear, one of the rarest species on the planet. A fabulous encounter between a powerful animal and a photographer with a passion for mountains and travel, whose pictures now illustrate many press articles

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