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Del 28 agosto 2020 Al 17 enero 2021
Ursula Biemann's work is regularly shown in international exhibitions and biennials.

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Descripción :

For more than twenty years, the Swiss artist and author Ursula Biemann has been closely intertwining in her video essays contemporary ecological challenges, the extraction and unequal distribution of the Earth's resources and migratory flows, consequences of the pressure exerted on the environment and all living beings. More than ever before, current events bring out the relevance of this complex vision, intertwining these social and environmental challenges, this voracity in the exploitation of resources and the irreversible transformations of soils and entire ecosystems.

For the first time in France, this exhibition brings together several of the artist's video works with a selection focused on environmental issues. Ursula Biemann takes us from the now asphalted plains of northern Canada to the flooded lands of Bangladesh; from the lush forests of Ecuador where indigenous peoples are fighting legally to preserve their ecosystem and cosmovision, to the invisible interactions and dramas played out in the heart of the oceans or in the Sami territories in Norway. Highly informed about current scientific research and philosophical and anthropological debates on ecological issues, the artist instils eco-feminist visions in her filmed work (an alliance of feminist and ecological conceptions to counter the exploitation of nature, the commodification of living things and promote gestures of reparation). It echoes the inclusion of cosmological representations in law, and introduces non-human perspectives - the integration of other living beings' ways of thinking.

The exhibition also shows the evolution of his practice from video essays giving voice to other geographies, to fictional, even science fiction narratives. The territory of the imagination and the invention of narratives appear to be possible ways today to envisage new relations to the world and an ethic of relations with other species. Far from yielding to the ambient catastrophism, Ursula Biemann thus invites us to relearn our original belonging to the natural order and to hear the voice of peoples who live in rich and respectful interactions with non-human beings.

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Place Yves Klein - 06300 NICE
Tel : +33(0)4 97 13 42 01
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