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Jean-Louis Aubert

martes 15 marzo 2022
Palais Nikaia
As part of Jean-Louis Aubert's "Olo Tour" phenomenon tour

Descripción :

Alone on stage but well accompanied, the public will discover his holograms in a scenography already acclaimed as "unique in the world" (Le Parisien).

Jean-Louis Aubert wanted to invite his public to experience the appearance and then the evolution of his holographic dream; the idea was to share with him the setting up and development of this new system until its completion during the zenith tour.

Localización :

163 route du Mercantour - 06200 NICE
Tel : +33(0)4 92 29 31 29
Sitio :
Accesible PMR

Horarios :


Barrios :

  • NICE
  • Oeste de Niza
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