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Del 30 noviembre 2019 Al 30 mayo 2020
This series of plastic proposals follows those, driven since 2018 by the Experimental Workshop, in this venue in Old Nice which is considered as the platform of experimentation and artistic demonstration of the association.

Descripción :

Experiment 3 will initially propose to discuss different lines of research that nourish the contemporary trajectories of sound creation. By inviting artists from the local and national artistic landscape, Expérience 3 will give substance to a set of plastic experiments, which will be organized organically and indeterminately. It will be a ground for a posture of free inquiry, on the long term; the opportunity also to explore and appropriate a particular acoustic space, to make a sound plastic laboratory in its own right. Through exchanges, plastic echoes, or collective sound constructions, Experiment 3 will reveal a variety of sensitive and intellectual attitudes, through different empirical processes of creation.

Localización :

21 rue droite - 06300 NICE
Sitio :
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