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Del 27 marzo 2020 Al 31 marzo 2020
By the Nice Philharmonic Orchestra - Nice Opera Choir - With the collaboration of the musicians from the ensemble "Les paladins" and the artists of the Compagnie Humaine.

Descripción :

Tragedy in music in five acts with prologue - Libretto by Philippe Quinault - Creation at the Royal Palace of Versaille January 6, 1683 - Sung and surtitled in French.

- New production

In France, the Opera has always been about power. Its brilliance reflects royal power, and it is no coincidence that the lyric tragedy "à la française" was born at the time of Louis XIV. But someone overshadowed the Sun King: the Superintendent Fouquet. He offered the king a sumptuous feast in his castle of Vaux. His meteoric rise has made the king jealous, who has imprisoned the financier who is too sure of his success.

Twenty years later, Lully puts to music the legend of Phaeton, who wanted to drive the chariot of his father Helios, the Sun, burned the universe and was struck down by Jupiter. As a courtier as wise as he was a good musician, Lully insisted on making Phaeton an ambitious and not an awkward man.

The Sun King attended all the performances: revenge is a dish that is eaten cold ... The Lyric Tragedy privileged the meaning of words sung to pure vocal virtuosity, alternated singing, chorus and danced entertainment, played with sophisticated machinery. It was a marvel of balance between the arts, between the affects and the passions. Because Phaeton is also a story of love and love of power. The Lyric Tragedy held out for two centuries until the French Revolution and the fall of the monarchy.

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20:00: Friday and Tuesday - 15:00: Sunday

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