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Del 18 octubre 2019 Al 27 octubre 2019
Demons and wonders - The Rendezvous - Vespertine.

Descripción :

- Demons and wonders - Creation
Choreography Julien Guerin - Maurice Thiriet, Joseph Kosma, Ernest Bloch, Max Richter.
Invited for the first time by the Nice Mediterranean Ballet, Julien Guérin comes to offer the dancers of the company the opportunity to showcase their mastery of academic dance. Attached to the excellence of this technique and its timeless elegance, this young choreographer digs the furrow of an uninhibited neoclassicism that is based on the vivacity of a vocabulary that continues to renew itself despite its great age. Démons et Merveilles showcases emotions by composing a painting from lines whose aesthetics reach us right in the heart.

- The Rendez-vous - No two excerpts from the Ballet Le Rendez-vous - In homage to Joseph Kosma for the 50th anniversary of his death - Choreography Roland Petit - Music Joseph Kosma.
Rendez-vous Roland Petit is a dive in post-war Paris, full of hope and spontaneity. Few periods have created the feeling that everything is possible and engendered such a proliferation of the arts. Rebuilding is often reinventing and Roland Petit is not mistaken. To imagine his Rendez-vous he has gathered a host of artists worthy of the Ballets Russes: Jacques Prévert, Brassaï, Picasso, Kosma ... This ballet written in the repertoire of the Paris Opera is a visual treat that allows us to touch a a creative effervescence rarely achieved.

- Vespertine - Choreography Liam Scarlett - Music Arcangelo Corelli - Arrangements by Bjarte Eike.
La Follia de Corelli inspired the young and talented Liam Scarlett with a delicate yet nuanced choreography. The famous variation from Spain (which inspired more than one hundred and fifty composers from Lully to Rachmaninov via Marin Marais) becomes the "layout" of the play. Each movement illustrates a loop of Corelli's score and reflects the choreographer's pleasure in walking in the company of this air . Just like the melodic line with which it intertwines, the choreography seems to say the same thing without ever being repeated. Vespertine is an hourglass that is turned over and lets its grains flow according to the intensity of the music that fills the space.

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