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Del 29 junio 2018 Al 29 septiembre 2018
LE 109
Lang / Baumann offers us a performative installation in the Grande Halle. This proposal contributes to revealing the specificities of the venue by a whole network of air-bladders inflated by pulsed air hooked to the ceiling rails.

Descripción :

The two artists work with a wide range of materials, wood, metal, paint, carpet and inflatable structures, but their favorite medium is space. The majority of their work is contextual, some are flexible and can be adapted to various situations. Many of their works can not only be viewed but also used; others, for their part, only simulate usefulness or subvert it in an ingenious way.

Localización :

50 bd Jean-Baptiste Vérany - 06300 NICE
Tel : +33(0)4 97 12 71 11
Email :
Sitio :

Barrios :

  • Este de Niza
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